Constructopedia | FAQ
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Constructopedia FAQ



• Universal Constructs*


“Universal constructs” are fundamental abstract concepts used in the same manner –like cognates–across a wide spectrum of human experience and knowledge –within the sciences, society, and arts and humanities. Like a narrative thread, linking data by universal constructs brings a coherence that can seamlessly integrate and showcase the disparate entries of vast, encyclopedic knowledge bases.


Constructive surfing is the browsing method that makes navigating an online encyclopedia or other knowledge bases a more self-directed, explorative, individualized user experience.



• Customization


Constructopedia is implemented in three main configurations:


-As an intranet to highlight the vetted or proprietary content of publishers, libraries, or educational institutions.


-As an internet aggregator, or


-A combination of both.



• “Constructopedia View”


The Constructopedia matrix can be implemented as an alternate “view” on a company’s website menu, presenting an expansive, yet, interconnected landscape of rich content within its knowledge base.



• Beta is currently in beta development and is shared with parties interested in collaboration, licensing rights or acquisition.



• Construct Validation


* Universal constructs are validated by