Constructopedia | Developing advanced knowledge through constructs
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Welcome to Constructopedia:

Turn your knowledge base into a valuable learning tool for students and professionals.

What is Constructopedia?

Constructopedia is an intuitive, efficient way to index, display, and browse encyclopedic knowledge bases. It uses a multidimensional matrix to aggregate and display hyperlinked materials by three index variables:

 a) subject matter, and b) level of difficulty, along the axis of c) a validated universal construct*.

What is Constructive Surfing?

Constructive surfing is a browsing method that uses “universal constructs” as a connecting tissue to link knowledge across all domains of human knowledge at the most appropriate level of difficulty for each user.


Encyclopedias (online editions)

  • Textbook Publishers (digital supplements)
  • Internet Search Engine Sites
  • Universities and Colleges
  • Libraries
  • School Districts, and
  • Private Schools